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Dreaming of playing in the NFL one day isn’t unusual at all. Many kids daydream about being a star quarterback or catching winning passes in front of adoring fans. If you’re already playing football at the college level, then you might be hoping that you can make it to the NFL one day soon. Keep reading to learn a bit about becoming eligible for the NFL. 

Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements to get into the NFL are simpler than you might think. Technically, you just have to be old enough to have been out of high school for three years. You don’t necessarily have to attend college or play football in college to make it into the NFL. That being said, most players who get drafted into the NFL are college football players. 

The average age of players who get drafted into the NFL is between 25 and 26. Most players play several years of college football and build up a reputation to get noticed by teams. It’s also possible to try out for teams at training camps, though. Some athletes might decide to switch sports or attempt to start football careers later in life. 

People have gotten drafted despite being older or younger in the past. A 49-year-old named George Blanda was drafted to the Oakland Raiders in the past. A 19-year-old from Nigeria named Amobi Okoye was drafted to the Houston Texans since he met the eligibility requirements. It’s possible to get special permission for early eligibility if you declare for the draft early, but you must also forfeit your college football eligibility when you declare for the draft. 

NFL Dreams

If you dream of becoming a professional football player, then there are a few paths you can take. Playing college football is the most standard path, but some will try out for teams through training camps. If you’re passionate about football and you have the athletic skills, then eligibility shouldn’t be a problem for you. You just need to be old enough to make it happen in most circumstances.