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Playing sports often results in injuries. Putting the body through that kind of stress, be it through strenuous activity or physical contact, can result in injuries that would not otherwise be common.

There are a few injuries in particular that are more common in the sporting world than anywhere else. Here are some of those injuries and how to avoid them.

Ankle Sprain

Don’t be confused: ankle injuries can happen just walking down the street. But they are far more likely to happen during a sporting event than out in the regular world. Ankle sprains can vary from a grade 1 (less severe) to grade 3 (more severe).

To prevent ankle injuries, work on stretching before the event begins. Having the right footwear or even preventative braces can also be an effective means of keeping those bothersome injuries from happening in the first place.

Dislocated Shoulder

The shoulder joint is one of the weakest in the body. With regular physicality, shoulders can become dislocated all the time. It can be painful but is also an injury that can be rectified in short order by popping it back into the shoulder joint.

Working to strengthen the rotator cuff area is ideal. With shoulder shrugs, push-ups, and resistance bands, you can build your shoulders up so that they are strong enough to face the punishment that you may be subjecting your body to.

Lower Back Strain

Back pain and injuries are something that plague millions and not just the athletes out there. Back pain can be bothersome to debilitating depending on the severity of the injury. For the most part, strains cause discomfort but go away in short order.

Avoid back sprains by getting up and stretching or walking instead of sitting. Make sure to stretch in order to take pressure off of the spin. Before playing sports, warm up to ensure that your back is ready to face the physical work that you are about to put it through.