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Snowboarding has risen steadily in popularity throughout the years. What was once a very niche sport has evolved into a global phenomenon. Since its introduction to the Winter Olympics in 1998, snowboarding has become an essential winter sport.

As is the case in any sport, there are a few names who do it better than anyone else. Without further ado, these are the five best snowboarders in the world today.

  1. Mark McMorris

McMorris has become one of the top names in the sport. Though he has been at it for years, the 2012 Winter X Games is where he made his mark. He captured gold in the slopestyle event as well as the famed big air event that has been the focal point of the Games.

  1. Shaun White

Perhaps the greatest legend that the sport has ever known, White has become the poster boy for snowboarding and it comes from being one of the most dominant names to ever do it. He has more than 10 gold medals at the Winter X Games as well as a few Olympic golds to his name.

  1. Ayumu Hirano

Hirano is one of the newest names on the list but got his start at just 14 years old. When he took silver in the superpipe at the 2013 Winter X Games, he became the youngest competitor to have medaled in an X Games, starting his path towards becoming one of the best.

  1. Maxenec Parrot

As with the others on the list, Parrot became a name within the snowboarding industry thanks to his performance at the X Games. In 2014, he took home two gold medals throughout the games, in the big air and slopestyle events.

  1. Stale Sandbech

Sandbech is similar to Parrot and Hirano in that he made his name around 2014. He took home a pair of medals in the slopestyle event, winning the silver at the 2014 Winter Olympics and bronze in the Winter X Games that same year to make his mark.