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Winter is that strange time of the year where humanity is split into two groups. Some huddle inside for three months. Then, there are those that flock to the snow, ice, and changes it brings with it.

The world of winter sports is a beloved one – look at the Winter Olympics’ popularity to get a good idea of how many people enjoy it. Even those that do not want these cold sports can enjoy watching them occur.

Skiing And Snowboarding

Two of the most popular winter sports would have to be skiing and snowboarding. Every winter, thousands of people flock to the nearest slopes, all hoping to get some fun memories on the snow.

Nearly everyone who lives in or near colder climates will have given either skiing or snowboarding a try. Likewise, both sports are represented in the Winter Olympics every four years.

Cross Country Skiing

Another popular winter pastime is cross-country skiing. To those that haven’t experienced this sport, it may seem odd that it isn’t included under the generalized skiing category.

Essentially, cross-country skiing relies entirely on the movement of the skier – there are no mountains or downward slants to help here. It is both a form of recreation and a method of transportation.


Snowshoeing is another winter sport that initially formed as a method of transportation. Snowshoeing was invented as a means of traveling over – as opposed to through – snow. The snowshoe disperses the weight of a body across a wider area, making it possible.

Snowshoeing is a great exercise and is widely popular in many colder climates. If one was looking for a winter sport that burned calories, snowshoeing would be very high up on that list.

Dog Sledding

Next up in the beautiful world of winter sports is dog sledding. Mushing and Sodsled racing are both parts of this sport, with plenty of variety to go around. As the name suggests, it involves at least one dog and a sled. And don’t forget about the person riding the sled or any additional weight that may be a factor.

Dog sled racing is an experience that has been described countless times, yet the description will always pale in comparison to the actual experience. 

Snow Tubing

Snow tubing is arguably one of the most popular and approachable forms of winter sports. Most ski and snowboarding slopes will also have a hill designed just for snow tubing. Though going to a professional location is less of a requirement.

Many slopes have Midnight Madness events, which allows for snow tubers to take a night ride beneath the starry sky. Snow tubing is found wherever there is snow, and it is a favorite winter pastime for many.