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There are many athletes nowadays doing things that are seemingly impossible for human beings. LeBron James is 6’8”, 250 lbs and moves more swiftly than just about everyone else on the planet. The average football player does things that seem superhuman to the average person.

Given the great athletes that we have seen throughout the years, who are the five best to ever do it? Let the debate begin as we give you the top five athletes of all-time.

  1. Michael Jordan

Who doesn’t know His Royal Airness? The greatest basketball player who ever lived, Michael Jordan is an icon the world over. But he also took time off in the prime of his career to try his hand at minor baseball, only to return and win three more titles and Finals’ MVPs in the NBA.

  1. Muhammad Ali

What many believe to be the greatest world heavyweight champion of all-time. Known for unreal foot speed and hand speed that was somehow faster. Fought primarily in the 1960s and ‘70s, arguably the best and deepest time for heavyweights in the sport.

  1. Jim Thorpe

Thorpe may be the true definition of athlete. Ignoring that he was good at baseball and lacrosse while starring at track and field, Thorpe is considered one of the greatest football players ever. He played running back, punter, placekicker, and defensive back as a “do it all” great.

  1. Bo Jackson

Before Jordan and Deon Sanders, there was Bo Jackson. A physical freak with size, strength, and speed, Bo Jackson was ahead of his time. Not only did he win the Heisman Trophy in college football, but he was an All-Star in both the major leagues and professional football before a hip injury derailed him.

  1. Jim Brown

Jim Brown is arguably the greatest running back in history. He is in both the college and professional football Halls of Fame as well as the Lacrosse Hall of Fame. There are some that even say he was the best at both sports during his time in college. Legendary is putting it lightly.