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If you like the idea of working in sports and working closely with others, then being a coach can be the right path for you. There is the possibility of making an impact on young athletes or even helping professionals to improve their performance.

But what does it take to become a coach? Here are a few things worth knowing before beginning your journey.

Education Matters

In order to become a coach who is capable of moving out of the local ranks, education definitely matters. One of the first steps towards getting a meaningful job in coaching is to pursue an education.

Getting a bachelor of science degree in something such as sports leadership or sports science is a great foundation to build. There are also areas such as sports medicine, fitness and nutrition, sports and exercise science, physiology, and kinesiology that are worth pursuing.

Get Experience

No matter what your educational background looks like, there is no surer thing than education. Being in coaching situations and learning what to do because you have been there and done that is the best educational tool that you can have.

Coaches who have been there and done that are also more likely to hold the attention of their team. Players want to learn from those who have been there before and as a coach with experience, you can instill lessons learned on your athletes and students in meaningful ways.


What most don’t realize is that most coaches are required to have updated training in both CPR and first aid. There are also things such as sports safety and coaching fundamentals that can help any coach become more well-rounded.

For high schools and colleges, there is often a requirement to be certified by the NCAA, state agency, or any other relevant organization that oversees the sport in question. Candidates generally need to have CPR certification and pass an exam or participate in some sort of camp or clinic in order to obtain the necessary coaching certification.